You Can Really Earn Money From Blogging | Blogging Advantages And Disadvantages

You can earn thousands of lakh by writing a blog, you must have had such a post. Today you will get A To Z information related to blogging. View this post in its entirety and share it In this post, you are going to give complete information related to the blog.

Really Earn Money From Blogging

In the time of internet, blogging remains a good means of earning. You must have posted on facebook, instagram, whatsapp that you can earn in thousands by blogging but do you really earn. You must have many thoughts in your mind on how to write or create a blog. So in this post you are going to get complete information about it.

You can do blogging from two platforms. 1) Blogger 2) WordPress

Most of the recent use of these two platforms. In which Blogger is a free blogging platform and it can be used with WordPress money. Both the platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages which will help you further.

-How to do blogging from blogger?

advantages and disadvantages

Blogger’s which is a part of Google, which can be blogging for free. Blogger never slows down due to being of Google and gets indexed first in Google. In this you do not need to visit the website. Blogger provides you its website for free which is a good thing. In Blogger, you can earn by placing ads from Google ads or from other advertising platforms.

Blogger provides website for free, it comes to blogger’s subdomain behind your website, it will get bigger url of your website and it may have problem in ranking and speed of your website. Blogger does not get other plagine and facility, which website is not able to rank in Google, it reduces your earning.

But talking about the benefits of blogger, then you do not cost any money. You can get your website ranked quickly in Google for free. You can do it in blogger’s template for free. By using Blogger, your site will never be down, no matter how much traffic comes to your website.

If you have all these facilities for free and without any problem you have to create a blog website, then blogger is a good platform. You cannot learn to write a blog using Blogger and after that you can make your website by investing a little money.

-How To Start Blogging With WordPress?

blogging advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

To do blogging from WordPress, you will have to buy a website first and also have to take hosting. In wordpress you will get all the facility which you need. You will get different plugins in wordpress, you will be able to do good blogging. Most of WordPress themes and designs are responsive. Most blogger use wordpress in the world.

With WordPress, you can have complete control over your website. Before starting blogging on WordPress, you may have to spend 2k to 5k. So the advantages of blogger are the disadvantages of wordpress.

Does blogging really make money?

 blogging really make money

You will start a blog website from blogger and wordpress, but you will really start earning. You have to approve your website on Adsense first. Your content should be good and should not be copyrighted. When you place ads from Adsense, you will have to bring more traffic to your website for good earning. If you can get your post ranked first in Google, then you will earn more.

If there is less traffic on your website, then you will be able to earn very little, then for more earning, you bring more traffic to your website. To earn more in less traffic, you are best high paying Affiliate Programs.

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